Luxury Motor Yacht Charter

Cruising aboard a luxury motor yacht charter is the most exclusive and personalized way to explore the Seven Seas.

Whether you want to lounge in a top-deck hot tub, taste fine wines from an onboard cellar, or enjoy gourmet beach barbecues prepared by an award-winning chef, our team of dedicated yacht charter consultants can help you book the yacht vacation of your dreams.

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New Star - West Mediterranean Yacht Charter
New Star 99‘     up to 8 guests from e50,000 a week.
Tiger's Eye motor yacht for Florida & Bahamas charters
Tigers Eye 98‘     up to 8 guests from $38,000 a week.
Dream B Motor Yacht Charter
Dream B 98‘     up to 10 guests from e39,000 a week.
Emrys Motor Yacht
Emrys 98‘     up to 8 guests from $50,000 a week.
Carom Motor Yacht Charter
Carom 98‘     up to 8 guests from e46,000 a week.
Gatsby Mediterranean Charter Yacht
Gatsby 98‘     up to 12 guests from e80,000 a week.
Salu Motor Yacht
Salu 98‘     up to 8 guests from e65,000 a week.
Annabel-II Motor Yacht
Annabel II 97‘     up to 8 guests from e42,500 a week.
The Program for Bahamas & Florida yacht charters
The Program 97‘     up to 10 guests from $42,500 a week.
Mia Kai - Yacht Charter Thailand
Mia Kai 96‘     up to 8 guests from $55,250 a week.
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