Yacht Charter Consultants

Safety, impeccable cleanliness, style and reliability are the key attributes of the Yachts we represent. When one of our Yacht Charter Consultants recommends a Charter Yacht to you, be assured  that we would only recommend the finest Yachts with the best Crews, the ones we would place Heads of State, Captains of Industry, and our own families aboard! Our 30 year reputation for the highest ratings in the industry reflect our commitment to the Highest Ethical Standards.

We take our responsibility very seriously at Seven Seas Yacht Charters. We are not only members, but leaders in some of the world’s primary Yacht Charter professional organizations such as MYBA, FYBA and CYBA International, where one of our Yacht Charter Consultants serves on the board.

We also are proud of our A-plus rating for 30 consecutive years with the Better Business Bureau.
When you choose us to assist with your Yacht Charter Vacation Investment, you can be assured it will be handled properly.

Quite simply, our mission is to “Exceed Expectations”. Seven Seas Yacht Charters represents EVERY available yacht in the world. Most chartering companies only represent the specific boats in their restrictive fleets. We work for YOU only and will scour every Yacht in the world to fit your exact needs and desires, including vessels not publicly offered for charter. This translates to guaranteed perfection for this Charter and those in the years to follow.

Melody Delgado  Yacht Charter Consultant

Melody Delgado

Melody is known throughout the Chartering Community and Industry as a Top Notch Broker. She has navigated untold numbers of clients to their ideal cruising experience. Every possible detail and preference will be addressed and implemented with Melody at the helm. Before joining Seven Seas Yacht Charters and Virgin Island Sailing in 2005, Melody worked at The Moorings for eleven years supervising the Vacation Planning Brokerage team and selling yachts into Charter Fleets. Melody visits Private Boat Shows, marinas and Chartered Yachts worldwide on a regular basis to ensure she is always well-informed and up to date in the Yacht Chartering Industry. Melody spends her private vacation time sailing around the globe.

Melody’s clients seek her out year after year to assist finding the perfect vessel and crew, detailed itinerary, and desired preferences with the highest level of efficiency, transparency and confidentiality. Please consider allowing Melody to put her twenty-four years of Consulting experience to work for you.

Emily Mack Luxury Yacht Charter Broker

Emily Mack

Emily has been arranging Luxury Charter Vacations world-wide for her clients since 2003.  Her stellar reputation continues year after year as she offers unparalleled excellence in personalized, confidential, professional and transparent service to all her clients. Emily is constantly updating her knowledge of the Chartering Industry by attending International Charter Shows, visiting itinerary destinations, and familiarizing herself with each Yacht, Crew, and specifics of each vessel. It is no coincidence that Emily is sought after to arrange the finest and most current Luxury Charter Vacations for her clients in any global destination. “Maintaining knowledge of the Charter Destinations, Yachts and industry practices are traits that I value, and ultimately will always benefit my clients” said Emily in a recent interview.

In 2009, Emily was elected by her peers to the board of the Charter Yacht Broker’s Association, where she currently serves as Vice President. Emily has worked closely on the Industry Relations and Ethics committee. 

Tim Nelson Yacht Charter Broker

Tim Nelson

Tim Nelson has been specializing in Large Yacht Charters (100 feet and over) worldwide for the past 18 years. He spends countless weeks each year traveling to major boat shows to personally inspect top-level luxury yachts. Tim interviews each yacht’s captain and crew to make sure they have the skills they claim. He makes sure their chefs  perform at the levels their resumes indicate, often having meals on board to evaluate the quality of service offered, as well. Tim walks the docks at industry-only charter shows in Antigua, St. Maarten, Italy, Greece, and beyond—all to make sure he has the most recent information about the newest luxury yachts in every vacation area.

Charter broker Tim Nelson, in fact, holds an accounting degree in addition to his wealth of knowledge about charter yachts. He puts his accounting skills to use on your behalf every time he helps to calculate and verify charter rates and typical expenses.

Caribbean and Mediterranean yacht vacations are just the beginning when it comes to choosing a private charter experience. Motor and sailing yachts enter the world market every day at increasing levels of luxury. Whether you want to invest $5,000 or $500,000 on a personalized cruising vacation, there are thousands of charter yachts from Alaska to Australia that are looking forward to welcoming you aboard. For over thirty years, Seven Seas Yacht Charters have earned a status of excellence in handling your  VACATION INVESTMENT with trust, care, and due diligence.

Our team at Seven Seas Yacht Charters is different. We don’t serve two masters. We are 100 percent independent, with no financial incentive to suggest a yacht to you unless we think it is absolutely the right one for your perfect charter vacation.