Bahamas Charter Yacht

Welcome to the State of the Art Opulence, Ultimate Privacy, and Unbridled Freedom of the Luxury Bahamas Charter Yachts offered by Seven Seas Yacht Charters.  Exploring spectacular destinations of The Bahamas aboard the unparalleled luxury of your private motor or sailing yacht offering splendid views, a vast array of activities and world class gourmet cuisine prepared to your specifications.

Aboard a luxurious Bahamas Yacht Charter, your professional crew will create a distinctly unique experience. You will have complete personal attention and it is possible to have your own scuba instructor, massage therapist, personal trainer or any other service you may require.

Many Exclusive Yachts require a password to view. Only ONE password is needed to view ALL yachts on the site.

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SAVANNAH 273' Super Yacht For Private Charter
Savannah 273‘     up to 12 guests from e1,000,000 a week.
PARTY GIRL 205' Private Yacht For Charter in Bahamas
Party Girl 205' 205‘     up to 12 guests from $490,000 a week.
Mine Games 203‘     up to 12 guests from $330,000 a week.
MIA ELISE II Mega Yacht Charter Mediterranean & Bahamas
Mia Elise II 198‘     up to 12 guests from $430,000 a week.
FORMOSA Mega Yacht Charters
Formosa 196‘     up to 12 guests from e400,000 a week.
ANDIAMO 195' Mega Yacht For Mediterranean Charte
Andiamo 195‘     up to 12 guests from $395,000 a week.
Lady Sara Mega Yacht Charter
Lady Sara (ex: Lady Linda) 187‘     up to 12 guests from $322,000 a week.
THE WELLESLEY private yacht for charter vacations
The Wellesley 184‘     up to 12 guests from $220,000 a week.
Lady Michelle 180‘     up to 12 guests from $275,000 a week.
OCEAN PARADISE Mega Yacht For Hire
Ocean Paradise 180‘     up to 12 guests from e255,000 a week.
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