Exumas Yacht Charter - Child's Play

Being on an Exumas Yacht Charter is like Child’s Play.

Nothing thrills us more than hearing how happy our clients were with their charter yacht and the beautiful motor yacht Child’s Play has made some extremely happy charters, setting a new bar for their future vacations.

As high as I placed the bar in my expectations for this cruise the crew on Child’s Play set a new bar. And now I am back at work wearing closed toe shoes (with laces) and I am looking back at the last week smiling broadly.

First of all the ship itself. I know nothing about yachts but I can’t even imagine what else one could be wanting for. This ship was exquisite and wonderfully maintained. Someone gave this ship a lot of thought, a lot of time and a lot of money. It is a castle on the water.

Second, the crew. They could not do enough for us. The chef, Pablo, went out of his way every day to seek out my 8 year old daughter to help him making desserts. This was like a cooking camp for Lilah who has always told us she wants to open a restaurant. She is crying big tears today because she misses him so much. And every time I looked up there was Beth asking what she can do. Bathing suits that were left drying on the deck were immediately put in the washer/dryer. Drinks were refilled. Then there is Zane who was a master of all trades and couldn’t do enough for us. All together this crew went above and beyond giving us a great time and catering to our needs.

Last and most important—Captain Jack. He was the superb host at a long party. It was clear his #1 goal was to see that we had the best time possible and he pulled out all the stops to make it happen. You wanted a sea toy—he had it. You didn’t know how to use it—he could teach you. He was wonderful with the little ones and big ones alike. And no one could know the Exumas better than he and the best times to see everything given the weather, the tides and everything else that had to be considered. His crew looked up to him and so did we. He was confident, competent and we were so lucky he was our Captain.   – Tom, Shelby & Lilah, June 21, 2017