Greece Yacht Charters

Greece yacht charters are unlike any other charter in the Mediterranean. On the French and Italian Riviera the idea is to see and be seen. While, in Turkey and Croatia the idea is to get away from it all. This Greece vacation offers the chance to combine luxury and seclusion with a cruise through the history of humanity itself.

Greece Cruising Grounds

Luxury Greece Yacht Charters Sailing MapMany boats available Greece yacht charters are based in Athens. This makes one of the world’s oldest cities the starting point and easily accessible from the international airport.  Thousands of years of history extend from Athens to the nearby cruising grounds within the Argosaronic Gulf, the Peloponnese archipelago, and the Cyclades chain. With individual islands offering countless combinations of ancient ruins and sandy beaches, you could spend a week or a month exploring these regions.

Argosaronic GulfGreece Yacht Charters visit churches

In the Argosaronic Gulf, your charter yacht can dock at Hydra. This harbor is too small for cruise ships to even consider entering. Shops, restaurants and homes climb up the surrounding mountainsides the same way they have for generations, with mules and donkeys the only form of transportation. Watch the local ladies craft lace by hand. The local artists paint the same scenes upon which their ancestors gazed. Get lost in winding stone alleyways. Meander back to the waterfront for a gourmet dinner aboard your chartered yacht.

Peloponnese region

Explore sites such as Kythira if you opt for the Peloponnese region. Kythira’s geographic location has made it a favorite among sea merchants for centuries. The architecture and cultural influences at Kythira are not only Greek, but also Venetian, Ottoman, and British,  offering the chance to explore not only modern-day life, but also the history of life as it evolved over time.

The CBook O Mega for Your Greece Yacht Charterycladese Archipelago 

Offering yet another variation on a charter in Greece is The Cycladese archipelago with islands such as Santorini that let you literally drink in the culture. Here the indigenous Assyrtiko grape is used to make Vinsanto, a dessert wine. This wine is sometimes barrel-aged for as long as 25 years and that has gained worldwide acclaim for its overtones of citrus, fig, and honey.

Greece Yacht Charters

All Greece itineraries are accessible by motor yacht and sailing yacht. Each summer international caliber yachts are available in Greece making some of the world’s largest and also, most luxurious charter yachts are among your options. Many yachts available for Greece charters even come with a chef who specializes in the local cuisine. Make your experience on the yacht as personalized as your experience in the Greek isles.

Some of our favorite charter yachts available in Greece this summer.

O'neiro 173' Luxury Mega Yacht Catamaran Greece

O’neiro 173

Zaliv lll 161' Luxury Mega Yacht Greece

Zaliv lll 161′