Ultimate Luxury Yacht Charter

A Distinctive and Splendid Experience…

Welcome to State of the Art Opulence, Ultimate Privacy, and Unbridled Freedom on a Luxury Yacht Charter. For Thirty Years of documented impeccable service, Seven Seas Yacht Charters offers the widest variety of available Luxury Yachts and Crew. The experience of a Luxury Yacht Charter allows you to control your own destiny while exploring spectacular destinations in the unparalleled luxury of your own Private Yacht. Whether you are planning an unforgettable family vacation experience or a corporate event, our goal is to always “Exceed Expectations”. Our highly experienced and detail oriented Luxury Yacht Charter Consultants will accommodate you and your guests preferences, specific needs and desires as they have done perfectly for the past three decades. Your options are literally limitless, offering the freedom and flexibility unheard of in comparison to any other travel mode. 

You Have Arrived…
Aboard a luxurious Seven Seas Yacht Charter, your professional on-board crew will create an experience distinctly unique to you. It is truly the pleasure of the well trained and pleasant Staff to serve you. They dedicate their time to making your cruising experience unforgettable and tend to your every need and desire. Splendid views, and a vast array of activities both on-board and on-shore are at your very whim. World Class Gourmet Cuisine prepared to your specifications and preferences by a highly trained Personal Chef await you. You will have complete personal attention and assistance with any choices, needs, and activities. It is possible to have your own scuba instructor, massage therapist, personal trainer or any other service you may require. The interior and exterior spaces of these ultimate Chartering vessels rival the most desirable, design savvy, and stylish properties in the world.

Excellence V 196' Megayacht

Excellence V 196′

Starfire 178' Megayacht

Starfire 178′

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Perseus 3

Ipharra 102' Luxury Sailing Catamaran

Ipharra 102′

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