Sample Itinerary – 16 days

Day 1: Guests arrive Catania airport Sicily & embark MY Te Manu whilst berthed at the Riposto Marina (Est. transfer time 30 min). Depart Riposto Marina (early afternoon) & proceed towards the overnight anchorage at Taormina bay – Distance 12 nm 1.0 hr

Day 2: Remain anchored Taormina Bay.

Guest activity: Transfer via tender to the nearby marina and take the cable car to visit the historical town of Taormina.

Depart Taormina Bay (pm) & proceed north via the Straits of Messina towards the anchorage at Isola Lipari (Aeolian Island group) – Distance 75 nm 6.0 hr

Day 3: Arrive Isola Lipari (am) & anchor near to the main town of Lipari

Guest activity: Visit the picturesque town of Lipari.

Depart Isola Lipari (late afternoon ) & proceed towards Isola Stromboli to view the active volcano before proceed via overnight passage towards the anchorage at Positano – Distance 146 nm 12.0 hr

Day 4: Arrive Positano (am) & anchor near to the town of Positano.

Guest activity: Visit the picturesque town of Positano.

Day 5: Remain Positano or cruise the Amalfi coast before proceeding (late afternoon) into the picturesque harbor of Amalfi – Distance 6 nm 0.5 hr

Day 6: Depart Amalfi (am) & proceed to the anchorage at Ill Faragilioni, to enjoy the spectacular southern coastline of Isola Di Capri before proceeding (early afternoon) into Marina Grand Isola Di Capri – Distance 22 nm 2.0 hr

Day 7: Remain berthed Marina Grande, Isola Di Capri.

Guest activity: Island excursion to visit the imperial “Villa Jovis” from which Tiberius ruled the Roman Empire during his final years. Later from the town of Anacapri take the “chair Lift” to the highest point on the island to enjoy the spectacular panoramic view.

Day 8: Depart Isola Di Capri (am) & proceed to the anchorage near Torre del Greco (Bay of Naples) where guests will have an opportunity to visit the Roman towns of Herculaneum & Pompeii – Distance 20 nm 1.5 hr

Depart Torre del Greco marina (late afternoon) & proceed to Isola d’ Ischia (Gulf of Naples) and berth at the Heavens Quay marina – Distance 22 nm 2.0 hr

Day 9: Remain berthed Heavens Quay marina

Guest activity: Island excursion to visit the nearby Thermal springs & water park at Negombo

Day 10: Depart Heavens Quay marina (am) & proceed towards The Anchorage Isola Ponza (Pontine Island archipelago) for an afternoon of beach & water sports activities – Distance 45 nm 3.5 hr

Depart Isola Ponza (pm) & proceed via overnight cruise towards Porto Ercole & The Anchorage at Isola Di Giannutri (Marine Park Reserve) – Distance 120 nm 9.0 hr

Day 11: Depart Isola Di Giannutri (early afternoon) & proceed towards Portoferaio marina, Isola d’ Elba – Distance 40 nm 4.5 hr

Day 12: Remain berthed Portoferaio marina, Isola Di Elba.

Guest activities: Island tour to visit the summer residence of Napoleon at Villa San Martion.

Day 13: Depart Portoferaio marina, Isola Di Elba (am) & proceed north towards Forte De Marme & the Picturesque anchorage at Portovenere (Cinique Terre region) – Distance: 60 nm 4.5 hr

Day 14: Remain Portovenere anchorage

Guest activity: Excursion via local boat to explore the Cinque Terre coastal trail.

Day 15: Depart Portovenere (am) & proceed via costal cruise towards The anchorage at Portofino for an afternoon of water sports activities before continuing (late afternoon) into Portofino marina or the nearby marina at Santa Margherita – Distance 36 nm 2.5 hr

Day 16: Remain berthed, Portofino or Santa Margherita marina. Guests disembark MY Te Manu whilst berthed Santa Margherita marina

(Thanks to Captain David Johnson, on the motor yacht TE MANU for the above Itinerary.)