Mediterranean Yacht Charters

Many cruising aficionados consider Mediterranean Yacht Charters a favorite experience each year. Each summer, the Western Mediterranean lures some of the world’s largest, most prestigious, and glamorous yachts to the waters between C’te d’Azur in France to the Amalfi Coast in Italy. The Eastern Mediterranean has also become a popular choice Charter destination in recent years. Glorious Motor and Sailing Yachts are available in Croatia, Greece, and Turkey. Please see Itineraries.

Mediterranean Yacht Charter Season

Visit Monaco Harbour on your Mediterranean Yacht Charter Vacation


Each May, the Mediterranean Yacht Charter season “officially” begins with the Cannes Film Festival and the Monaco Grand Prix. During these events, competition soars for marina berths. Charter Yachts become home to star-studded galas and events brimming with champagne. Many people book a vacation for several weeks that include these galas. Imagine the possibility of mix and mingling with  Hollywood Royalty, and then continuing in the privacy in their own Mediterranean Yacht Charter to picturesque port towns such as Villefranche, Monaco, and Portofino.

Mediterranean Luxury Yacht Charter

July and August

July and August are considered the most popular months for a Mediterranean yacht charter. Itineraries can include the coastal hot-spots as well as the culturally rich islands of Corsica, Sardinia, and Sicily. In summer, waters have warmed up to the perfect swimming temperature, and beaches beckon to the “desired to be sun kissed” population. Each day you can enjoy snorkeling, swimming,  seaside gourmet   lunches accompanied with fine local wines. In the evening, imagine a cruise to the volcano Stromboli, where the colorful eruptions ablaze like nature’s fireworks. During these popular months, Charter Yachts typically have more availability in the Eastern Mediterranean.

September through early October

September and October offer a grand selection of yachts, as it marks the end of the Mediterranean Yacht Charter season. The Saronic Gulf islands just off the coast of Athens have long been a favorite Charter destination in the Eastern Mediterranean. The Dodecanese chain of Greek islands is also popular and is within easy cruising distance of southwestern Turkey, boasting beautifully preserved ruins of ancient cultures. Croatia offers a sparkling combination of natural islands, historic sites and a warm welcoming people. Some sites are within a day ‘s cruise of Venice, depending on the speed of the Charter Yacht you select.

Mediterranean Luxury Yacht Charter Sailing Map

It is easy to understand that the diversity and variety, as experienced in the natural, cultural, historical and culinary experiences available  in the Mediterranean makes this region the number one choice for Mega Yacht Chartering and can be explored again and again without having the same itinerary or experience twice.

Our experienced and knowledgeable Yacht Charter Vacation Consultants look forward to helping you create and implement the Mediterranean Yacht Charter of your choice. To make your dreams a reality, please complete a yacht charter request.

You Have Arrived…
Aboard a luxurious Seven Seas Yacht Charter, your professional on-board crew will create an experience distinctly unique to you. It is truly the pleasure of the well trained and pleasant Staff to serve you. They dedicate their time to making your cruising experience unforgettable and tend to your every need and desire. Splendid views, and a vast array of activities both on-board and on-shore are at your very whim. World Class Gourmet Cuisine prepared to your specifications and preferences by a highly trained Personal Chef await you. You will have complete personal attention and assistance with any choices, needs, and activities. It is possible to have your own scuba instructor, massage therapist, personal trainer or any other service you may require. The interior and exterior spaces of these ultimate Chartering vessels rival the most desirable, design savvy, and stylish properties in the world.