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The Cyclades
Located between Attica and Crete in the Aegean Sea, this small complex of islands is one of the oldest cultural resources on earth not only for the Greek civilization but for the whole of Europe. This cluster of small circular islands were named Cyclades, ( which translates in English as circular islands) and refers to this group of islands that are scattered in a circular pattern around the sacred island of Delos, the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis. In Greek mythology, Poseidon, god of the Sea known for his formidable temper, turned the Cyclades nymphs, whom had somehow provoked his rage, into these rugged little islands. It is said that the sea sparkles and dances with the same joy and playfulness that the nymphs possessed before their unfortunate transformation.

Jagged, sun drenches rocks and golden beaches emerge from the azure waters of the Aegean Sea. whitewashed well cared for buildings of the ancients offer a warm invitation to explore in wonderment the architectural antiquities, dazzling reflective light and beautiful icons and frescoes founded during the presence of the Byzantine Empire.

Vineyards, olive groves, spectacular bird watching, and off the beaten track beaches offer basking in the sensuousness of these islands to all that make the trek. The visiting population ranges from well known jet-setters to those making a holy mecca to this spiritual land.

Yacht Charter In Greece Itinerary – 7 days In The Cyclades

Mykonos GreeceDay 1  ATHENS TO KEA: Kea is a popular weekend destination for the people of Athens. There are many medieval cobblestone paths and walking and hiking trails filled with wild orchids, wild roses, rare mushrooms and colorful lichens that guide you to remote and secluded beaches or beautiful ruins of ancient cities. Summer is the most popular time to visit Kea, as the island hosts many cultural and festive events. One of the most original is the Fairy Tale Festival where storytellers, musicians and artists gather from around the globe to celebrate the art of spoken heritage and the stories and myths that have been shared from generation to generation since antiquity. Kea also has an outside movie theater that shows first run movies in English and is known for some of the best restaurants in Greece.

Day 2  TINOS TO MYKONOS: The majority of visitors to Tinos are there to pay homage to the Greek Orthodox Church of Panagia Evangelistria, where a nun from Tinos,( referred to as Saint Pelagia ) was visited by visions of the Virgin Mary instructing her where to find sacred icons that have healing powers. This has encouraged mass pilgrimages for many years.. The church is draped in valuable jewels, donated by those who declare to have had healing miracles happen while they visited the church. Modest clothing is required while visiting the grounds.
After leaving Church of the Panagia Evangelistruia, the island houses some of the most artful marble sculptures and buildings in Greece. Be sure to visit the quarries of Pyrgos in the north, and  more than forty ornamented villages to be found near secret coves and terraced hillsides nearby. The island boasts of magnificent foods such as sausages, tomatoes, wild mushrooms, cheeses and artichokes to make a lovely seaside lunch.
Mykonos, named after Apollo’s grandson is the home to Greece’s Sun God. It is a very cosmopolitan island offering exciting nightlife, World Class shopping, stunning examples of Cycladean architecture and culture, and magnificent sun kissed exotic beaches. Delight in  Greek cuisine such as Soutzoukakia, grilled fish, octopus, and Myconian Honey Pie offered by the many acclaimed seaside eateries. While on your yacht charter in Greece, be sure to visit  local restaurant “Hippie Fish”, where the film Shirley Valentine was filmed.

Delos greeceDay 3  DELOS TO PAROS: Only a few miles from the bustle of cosmopolitan Mykonos is Delos, which is the island in the center of the kyklos (circle) of islands. Delos is the ultimate glory of the Greek civilization, as it is the sacred island that Apollo and Artemis were born on. As the cradle of gods, it was deemed that no mortal should ever be born or die there. In ancient times, a pregnant woman or a dying mortal would be taken by boat to the neighboring island of Rineia to keep the island sacred.The ruins of Delos are the most magical and intact ruins on the planet.Be sure to see the Terrace of the Lions. Originally there were 16 of these awesome statues which were offerings from the people of Naxos, presented to Delos to protect and guard the sacred grounds. A steep climb to Mt. Kynthos offers a magnificent view of the surrounding islands and hosts the Sanctuary of Zues Kynthios and Athena Kynthia and the Temple of Hera.It is an island of monumental antiquities, and amazing Greek art, it is an island where the only inhabitant is history itself.

Paros is the somewhat shyer version of Mykanos. It’s lively capitol, fashionable resort towns, beautifully intact rural villages are perfect for visitors of all ages, and to many, appealing because of the lack of crowds. Blue domed churches,whitewashed houses and paved roads are beautiful examples of Cycladician architecture. Paros has long been famous for it’s deposit of perfect white marble, most famously, Venus de Milo was carved from the marble of Paros, as was Napoleons tomb.Golden beaches invite you to the warm exotic waters of the Aegean Sea. Windsurfing is a popular sport on the southern and eastern shores. Paros also offers some of the most innovative restaurants in the Greek islands.

Day 4 IOS-SANTORINI: There is no other way to put this. Ios has a global reputation as the stomping grounds of booze filled sexually promiscuous straight out hedonism for the young and intentionally misguided. That is not to say that there are not beautiful villages and beaches to be enjoyed throughout the day, however there is a mecca to town each night from June to August for non stop liquidation. Party on dudes. The off season caters to families and your more refined mature travelers looking for a quieter pace. The most remarkable pieces of history on Ios is that Homer, the poet and author of Greek epics such as The Odyssey and The Iliad took his last breathe on Ios and lies buried in his grave at Plakoto, on the most northern tip of the island.
Santorini is the most popular and well known islands in Greece, perhaps the world. There is no doubt that your imagination has visions of its splendor because it’s reputation and  beauty is so far reaching. There are so many things to experience on your yacht charter in Greece; beautiful beaches, ancient cities, splendid scenery, and an active volcano to keep things lively. Santorini’s  past and present intrigue is readily available to tour. Be sure to visit the Minoan site of Akrotiri and the hilltop village of Oia.
Santorini relishes its past, but also juxtaposes  a very current  lifestyle of artists, designers, wineries, award winning breweries and distilleries and an extremely avant garde culinary scene.

Santorini GreeceDay 5 SIFNOS TO SERIFOS: the first records of Sifnos date back to 3000BC. The island consists of three whitewashed villages, the Capitol being Apollonia. It is a mountainous island with fertile agricultural valleys and beautiful clean beaches. Sifnos was the first island in Greece to create a plumbing and water purification system for the island waste which make the beaches and ports  the cleanest in the area, There are over 300 churches on this small island. This is the perfect island for people who like to walk and swim on uncrowded beaches. it is also known for an array of excellent eateries.

In Greek mythology, Danea and her infant son Peseus were set adrift to sea from Sarifos  by Danea’s father in response to an oracle that the infant son would grow up to kill him. Years later, Perseus returned to Serifos with the head of Medusa and turned his enemies into stone. Today, blocks of marble surround the medieval castle which is the center of Chora. The most spectacular ruins on Serifos are the Watchtowers, the most famous being the megalithic Psaros Pyrgos or “couch of the cyclopes”.

Day 6 KYTHNOS TO SOUNION: Life is slow and friendly on the island of Kythnos. Island history dates back to 9000BC. The island is named for Kyhno, the leader of the Dryopons and is said to mean  “dark place to hide”, referring to its rugged valley’s and steep mountainsides, caves and nines. The most sought after attraction on Kythnos are the thermal baths where the hot waters flow from an underground source from Versuvious and mix with the crystal blue Aegean waters. These spa waters have been used from ancient times and are known to cure rheumatism. Small seaside cafes dot the coast, beautiful beaches and local crafts such as pottery and baskets make for a lovely time in Kythnos. Sounion is the home to one of the most famous and important ruins of all, the Temple of Poseidon. The temple is perched on a jagged and rocky hilltop overlooking the gleaming Aegean Sea. The temple was built in 444BC and many of its original Doric style columns are still standing. Look carefully, and you might  actually find a piece of graffiti done by none other than Lord Byron! There are numerous cafes and eateries dotted along the road. Most people love to be at the Temple of Poseidon at sunset.

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