Luxurious Bahamas Charter aboard a Private Yacht

Unspoiled, Untainted, Untouched. Chartering a Private Yacht in the Bahamas allows you the ultimate in privacy, elegance and the ultimate freedom to explore the unparalleled beauty of 700 islands and Cays. The Bahamas are home to beautiful long stretches of flour consistency white and pink sandy beaches and pristine turquoise waters. What makes the Bahamas one of the most desirable tourism destinations in the world is the mixture of the ultimate in glamorous, sophisticated offerings and services appealing to celebrities and international personalities, juxtaposed with the unspoiled beauty of the most natural and accessible tropical wonders and enchanting locations and locals available to all. 

A long, rich and colorful history remains evident in the everyday goings on on these precious islands. The Islands of the Bahamas were inhabited by the Lucayan Peoples, a community of peace loving, politically conscientious and spiritually and socially responsible inhabitants whose lives were upheaval-ed  by the arrival of Christopher Columbus and his pillage to their society by enslavement, disease, and other hardships. In the late 1600’s and early 1700s, puritans came from England seeking Religious Freedom, but struggled with the lack of identifiable food. Pirates inhabited the Bahamas in the 1700’s since it was a perfect place to hide treasure (and themselves) in the hundreds of islands and coves. Disgruntled British loyalists left the United States after the revolutionary war and settled in the Exumas, Bahamas in the 1700’s. Many of those family names remain prominent on the islands today. In 1964, Martin Luther King wrote pieces of his acceptance speech for the Nobel Peace Prize while spending time on the island of Bimini visiting a wooden boat building friend, who still lives there today. Earnest Hemingway called Bimini his second home. He wrote “To Have and Have Not’ on Bimini itself, and was inspired by certain aspects of Bimini and it’s tremendous fishing to write “The Old Man and the Sea” and fittingly, “Islands in the Stream”. However, most of his time was spent fishing the rich Gulf Stream for Atlantic blue marlin, tuna and swordfish. World Class Sport Fishing is easily available to those visiting the Bahamas today.

Fabulous nightclubs such as Ler Cru offer great fun and adventure for the alcohol connoisseur!  Pekk Pellinen, primary mixologist for Finlandia Vodka muddles and mixes local ingredients into innovative cocktails for the truly adventurous. Elegant Acclaimed Restaurants are always present and cater to the “Rich and Famous” population. However, not to be missed are the  modest local eateries offering local fare with the loving Bahama touch. Be sure to ask for a “Sky Juice” with your conch salad, a delicious local mixture of sweet milk, Gin, and coconut water. Graycliff Winery in Nassau is a two hundred year old underground wine cellar that is the largest in the Western Hemisphere. They offers tours and houses over 200,000 bottles of some of the world’s finest wines.  Gaming Casinos offering First Rate Entertainment are popping along the more populated areas such as Nassau, Freeport, North Bimini and New Providence. Luxury resorts such as Fowl Cay, only accessible by yacht welcomes Luxury Yacht clientele to have dinner or cocktails in their superlative environs. These exclusive areas are only a short stroll to long private soft and sandy beaches where finding another footprint is a rarity!

  Explore the “Islands in the Stream”  while living aboard a yacht so luxurious that your every comfort is well thought out in advance. It is truly the pleasure of our well trained and pleasant crew members and staff to serve you. The Bahamas are one of only five destinations in the world where you can  experience the magic of swimming and interacting with friendly dolphins.  All vessels offer avast array of floating toys, snorkeling equipment, scuba instruction, or just relaxing in the cleansing waters or melting away your stresses in a most comfortable lounge chair basking in the glorious Bahamian sun! The Yachts are elegant and gorgeous. Amenities  beyond one’s imagination are the way of life at sea  aboard these magnificent vessels. The interiors of these ultimate private charter yachts rival the most desirable, design savvy, and stylish properties in the world. After a relaxing on-board Jacuzzi, get dressed in your elegant gilded stateroom for a beautiful meal on-board prepared by your own gourmet personal chef, who understands and appreciates all your preferences and desires, or dine at a World Culinary Acclaimed Restaurant on shore and enjoy the vibrant nightlife! The choice is always yours! 

A Distinctive and Splendid Experience…

For Thirty Years of documented impeccable service, Seven Seas Yacht Charters offers the widest variety of available Yachts, Crew, and personal attendants to suit you and your guest’s specific needs and desires. Each Yacht has its own style, function, facility and personality. Your options are literally limitless. Offering a freedom and flexibility unheard of in comparison to any other travel mode.

Aboard a private yacht charter in the Bahamas, your professional crew will create an experience distinctly unique to you. They dedicate their time to make your cruising experience unforgettable and tend to your every need. You will have complete personal attention, and assistance with any choices, needs, and activities.  It is possible to have your own scuba instructor, massage therapist, personal trainer or any other service you may require.

Private Yachts Available For Luxury Charter Vacations In The Bahamas

Sort by LengthBoat Name# of GuestsPriceDescendingAscending
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FORMOSA Mega Yacht Charters
Formosa 196‘     up to 12 guests from e400,000 a week.
Lady Sara Mega Yacht Charter
Lady Sara (ex: Lady Linda) 187‘     up to 12 guests from $322,000 a week.
Lady Michelle 180‘     up to 12 guests from $275,000 a week.
OCEAN PARADISE Mega Yacht For Hire
Ocean Paradise 180‘     up to 12 guests from e255,000 a week.
Chantal-Ma-Vie Motor Yacht
Chantal Ma Vie 179‘     up to 12 guests from $230,000 a week.
AQUAVITA Mega Charter Yacht Caribbean
Aquavita 164‘     up to 12 guests from $295,000 a week.
SHE'S A 10 Mega Yacht Charter
She's a 10 164‘     up to 12 guests from $110,000 a week.
Remember When Mega Yacht Charter
Remember When 162‘     up to 12 guests from $250,000 a week.
Mustang Sally 161‘     up to 12 guests from $175,000 a week.
ALLEGRIA Motor Yacht
Allegria 152‘     up to 11 guests from $180,000 a week.
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