Sample Itinerary – 7 days

Day 1: Yacht Haven Marina, Phuket to Phang Na Bay to Krabi:
18 nautical miles.

Cruise North from the Yacht Haven Marina to the spectacular rock formations of Ao Phang Na Bay. Anchor for lunch off the famous James Bond Island and kayak through the heart of the surrounding uninhabited islands to discover stunning caves such as Koh Hong. An early evening cruise to Krabi delivers you to one of the many restaurants along Ao Phra Nang.

Day 2: Krabi to Phi Phi Islands: 18 nautical miles

Snorkel around the intensely colored coral reefs that lie around Phi Phi Le and climb the karst limestone lookouts for panoramic views. Phi Phi Don, the larger of the Phi Phi Islands, has idyllic tropical beaches lining its southern and eastern shores.

Day 3: Phi Phi Islands to Nai Harn Bay, Phuket: 32 nautical miles

Cruise to the southern coastline of Phuket, blessed with magnificent mountains covered with lush jungle forests that stretch out to meet the azure blue sea. Enjoy the white powdery sand beaches fringed with coral reefs. Anchor in Nai Harn Bay and dine at the Phuket Yacht Club.

Days 4 and 5: Phuket to Ko Similan: 50 nautical miles

Discover the low-lying Similan Islands northwest of Phuket, with their great underwater boulders of smooth granite lying in jumbles along the shoreline. The surrounding clear blue waters are home to some of the most spectacular coral growths in the world, ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling.

Day 6:  Ko Similan to Patong, Phuket: 40 nautical miles

Cruise towards Phuket and spend the day kayaking and snorkeling in the bay off the Meridian Hotel before heading for the bustling nightlife along Soi Bangla. Dine in the Ban Tao Restaurant overlooking Patong Bay.

Day 7:  Patong to Yacht Haven Marina, Phuket: 30 nautical miles

Spend the day discovering Phuket’s beautiful coastline before cruising towards the Yacht Haven Marina for disembarkation. Further down, the coastline of Thailand gives way to the Malaysian peninsula and the beautiful island of Langkawi. Spend a second week exploring the vibrant reefs and tropical wildlife of the Langkawi archipelago.

(Thanks to Captain Martyn Walker of the motor yacht MONTIGNE for this itinerary)